Beatrice Angelini, cose.

Su mari di lava e catrame.

Ti prego. Credimi ancora, che resta sennò? Che resta di noi se falliamo? Se non inventiamo più il mondo…che resta, dimmi, che resta…?

Tarkovskij 1986

"We live; we have our ups and downs. We hope. We wait for something. We hope; we lose hope; we move closer to death. Finally, we die… and are born again. But we remember nothing. And everything begins again, from scratch. Not literally the same way, just a wee, wee bit different, but it’s still so hopeless, and we don’t know why. Yes… No, I mean: really, it’s quite the same, literally the same. Just the next performance, so to speak. If I’d made it all, I guess I’d have done things the same way. Funny, eh?

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Me, modeling



Barlumi di luce, illusione.


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I Hired a Contract Killer (1990, Aki Kaurismäki)


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Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2014 Details